Whole Body Detox (WBD) 

What it is: 

Whole Body Detox is an exclusive detoxifying treatment that in a gentle way improves the body’s lymphatic system and natural toxin clearing functions, by using a series of rhythmical strokes that apply very light or high pressure to revitalize and oxygenize the tissues. 

⎫ Safe Alternative to Liposuction
⎫ Improves Cellulite & Enhances Skin Tone
⎫ Body Shaping and Profiling
⎫ Boosts Immune System
⎫ Slims and Defines Legs, Arms & Stomach
⎫ Promotes Deep Relaxation & Improves Sleep
⎫ Minimizes Edema & Water Retention
⎫ Provides Immediate Relief from Pain & Swelling
⎫ Improves Circulation & Oxygen flow

How it Works 

To perform the Whole Body Detox treatment, Cryoactive uses a state of the art equipment that comes with overlapping chambers in a variety of options that are suitable for both localized and multi-area treatments. 

Each device is equipped with top-level, customizable pressure cuffs that massages the limbs in a way that promotes blood and lymph circulation, while nourishing and oxygenating the body’s cells. The treatment encourages transport of nutrients and white blood cells for increased wellbeing and overall health, while draining the lymph for immediate relief and long-term weight loss. 

How it Feels

Depending on your area(s) of concern, the treatment can be performed as a whole body or localized massage. A lower body sequential session typically takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour, and offers a very relaxing and uniquely soothing experience that differs markedly from a traditional massage. 

Treatment Frequency

Depending on your condition, it is recommended to begin with a series of 5-10 treatments performed within a short timespan. This will allow your body an intense period of optimal healing and processing existing concerns, after which you may choose to return weekly or biweekly for maintenance sessions.