Stretching Therapy

Why Stretching Therapy? 

Flexibility is essential for agility and health as it allows your joints, muscles, tendons, fascia and connective tissue to move freely in multiple directions. Restriction in any one area often leads to overuse and injury, especially if you are engaged in sports or other physical activity. 

Our one-on-one sessions are designed to target all areas in a much more profound and precise manner than traditional stretching. Having a professional assist with the flexibility process further eliminates the risk for injury, which can otherwise occur with unconscious
over-reaching of the muscles, tendons and joints. 

How it works: 

During your session, the therapist will take you through a series of assisted stretches while you on an ergonomic table designed for optimal comfort. The treatment approach is gentle and non-painful, leaving you feel relaxed and refreshed with an increased range of motion after each completed session. 


⎫ Faster Workout Recovery
⎫ Decreased Injury Risk
⎫ Reduced Compression & Pinching
⎫ Increased Flexibility & Healthy Joints
⎫ Improved Sleep & Relaxation
⎫ Relief from Tension & Pain
⎫ Reduced Muscle Soreness
⎫ Decreased Stress Levels
⎫ Improved Postural Alignment
⎫ Increased Energy Levels
⎫ Improved Blood Circulation