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The revolutionary practice of Cryotherapy and has its origin in Japan, where it was developed in 1978 as an alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. The process involves utilizing liquid nitrogen to create sub-zero temperatures to activate the hypothalamus, immune and central nervous system, which subsequently triggers an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the entire body.

While this remarkable technology has been refined and used by doctors, scientists and pro athletes for the past 30 years, it is only recently that the concept has become a more widespread trend in the western world.

Celebrities and athletes alike, including Demi Moore, Daniel Craig, Floyd Maywheather, and Christiano Ronaldo, all swear by the tremendous benefits of regularly stepping into an ice-cold, “reversed” sauna.

Why is Cryotherapy so effective?

When your body is briefly exposed to freezing temperatures, it reacts with vasoconstriction and pooling nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood around key internal organs. Soon after the 3-minute session is over, vasodilation takes place and the nutrient-dense, oxygenated blood rushes through the entire body.

This process helps get rid of toxins and triggers a strong increase in the body’s healing properties, as well as the release of endorphins that not only make you feel good and energetic, but which also provide you with instant pain relief from a variety of conditions.


• Increases Blood Flow and Oxygen Levels
• Improves Wellbeing & Boosts Energy
• Reduces Muscle Inflammation and Pain
• Promotes Quicker Recovery & Repair
• Encourages Natural Growth & Cell Rejuvenation
• Strengthens Immune System & Encourages Natural Healing
• Alleviates Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia & Migraines


• Reduces & Prevents Cellulite and Wrinkles
• Reduces & Prevents Signs of Aging
• Tightens & Smooths Skin
• Stimulates Collagen Production
• Promotes & Maintains Youthful Glow
• Reduces Damage caused by Oxidative Stress
• Increases Blood Flow to Skin & Removes Toxins
• Alleviates Skin Conditions like Psoriasis & Acne


• Reduces Inflammation, Pain & Swelling
• Boosts Energy & Endorphin Levels
• Promotes Recovery & Healing
• Enhances Muscle & Motor Unit Activation
• Raises Testosterone Levels in Males
• Reduces Post-Workout Fatigue


• Improves Post-Surgery Healing
• Minimizes Recovery Time
• Boosts Immune System
• Reduces Pain & Inflammation
• Improves Circulation & Removes Toxins


• Burns around 400-800 Calories per 3-minute session*
• Increases metabolism for up to 8 hours
• Improves Circulation & Removes Toxins

*Results depend on individual factors