Local Cryotherapy

What it is: 

Local Cryotherapy involves targeting a specific area to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling by stimulating cold receptors all over the body and thus triggering a powerful anti-inflammatory response. Similar to but far more effective than icing, this treatment is often combined with Whole Body Cryotherapy, as a measure to maximize the effects with a dual approach from the “inside out” and “outside in”. 

Local Cryotherapy further triggers vasoconstriction, which means it temporarily limits the flow of blood and fluid during the session. When the blood vessels dilate post therapy, it promotes the circulation of rich oxygenated blood. 


⎫ Relieves Pain & Inflammation
⎫ Speeds up Muscle Recovery
⎫ Promotes Faster Healing
⎫ Reduces Swelling & Bruising
⎫ Revitalizes Skin Tone
⎫ Enhances Blood & Oxygen Flow

How it Works 

Local Cryotherapy is performed with a unique and newly developed spa therapy device called Cryo-T Elephant, which is engineered with modern technology that has the unparalleled ability to achieve freezing temperatures in a safer and far more effective way than previous machines. By vaporizing heat of liquid nitrogen without an actual heater, Cryo-T Elephant has a technologic capacity that not only succeeds its predecessors’ efficiency by an astonishing 40%, but also allows the handler a much more control over the exact temperature applied to the client’s skin.

Treatment Frequency 

Depending on your condition, it is recommended to begin with a series of 5-10 treatments performed within a short timespan. This will allow your body an intense period of optimal healing and processing existing concerns, after which you may choose to return weekly or bi-weekly for maintenance sessions.