Frequently Asked Questions

Cryotherapy is fairly new to the United States so don't worry if you have questions, we got answers.


How and when was Cryotherapy invented?

The concept of Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed 1978 in Japan as an alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis; after which the technology has been extensively studied and refined to treat a wide variety of concerns with great results. **Learn more about the benefits of WBD here

How does Cryotherapy work?

By utilizing liquid nitrogen to produce freezing air, Cryotherapy is able to safely and briefly expose your skin to sub-zero temperatures ranging between -140°C and -180°C. The extreme cold activates the hypothalamus and the immune and central nervous systems, which in turn triggers an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the entire body. A Whole Body Cryotherapy session lasts no more than three minutes, and after you step out of the so-called cryotherapy sauna, your skin temperature will quickly return to normal. In other words, the process causes vasoconstriction during the treatment and vasodilation after the session, which promotes a healthy circulation and maximizes the presence of oxygen post therapy.

What is a Cryotherapy Sauna?

A Cryotherapy Sauna is a highly advanced metal chamber, in which liquid nitrogen is used to produce freezing air and lower your skin temperature dramatically and rapidly. You’ll be able to see and talk to the operator during the entire three-minute session since the chamber is open at the top, and equipped with an unlocked door as well as a height-adjustable platform.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

It’s important to know that you are in full control of your surroundings during the session control and will never be locked into the chamber as you are able to open the door from the inside. The open top also lets you see and communicate with the operator who is there for the whole session to monitor and make sure you are able to express any discomfort whatsoever. The chamber is also quite roomy with enough space to let you comfortably turn your body around throughout the process, which ensures that your entire skin surface is evenly exposed to the sub-zero air.

Is Cryotherapy really safe?

Cryotherapy is perfectly safe and poses no risks as long as you do not suffer from particular conditions. **Read more here (link to next question)

Every treatment is carefully controlled by a trained operator who is present during the entire session to monitor the temperature levels and ensure the client’s wellbeing throughout.

Is Liquid Nitrogen dangerous?

Liquid Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas that comprises 78% of the air we breathe. Furthermore, the nitrogen is only used as a chilling agent and never actually comes in contact with your skin.

Who shouldn’t do Cryotherapy?

The following conditions and circumstances may contraindicate the use of Cryotherapy.
If you have any questions or are aware of a history or presence with any of the below physical concerns, we would advise you to discuss your individual situation directly with your medical provider before making a decision.

• Unmanaged/Severe Hypertension (BP> 180/100)
• Cardiac Pacemaker
• Cancer
• Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Cold Allergy
• Pregnancy
• Acute/Recent Myocardial Infarction
• Unstable Angina Pectoris
• Arrhythmia
• Symptomatic Cardiovascular Disease
• Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
• Acute/Recent Cerebrovascular Trauma
• Uncontrolled Seizures
• Fever
• Tumor Disease
• Raynaud’s Syndrome
• Lung Disorders
• Bleeding Disorders
• Severe Anemia
• Infection
• Acute Kidney & Urinary Tract Diseases

*This list is merely an indicator and you should always check with your doctor before making a final decision regarding your health. 

Are there any risks associated with Whole Body Cryotherapy?

WBC is overall extremely well tolerated by the body and generally poses minimal risks to a healthy individual. Albeit unusual to rare, some people may experience the following adverse effects:

• Exaggerated Blood Pressure Fluctuations (i.e. more than what is considered normal due to cryotherapy. Typically reversed immediately post therapy)
• Allergic Reaction to the Freezing Air (Very Rare)
• Claustrophobia/Anxiety
• Activation of Viral Conditions (I.e. cold sores etc. – this is caused by cryotherapy stimulating the immune system.)

Can I get a cold from cryotherapy?

No. The sub-zero temperatures will only last for a few minutes and raise the body temperature for a short period of time. In fact, cryotherapy will stimulate the immune system and thus likely decrease the severity and frequency of future colds!

Is Whole Body Cryotherapy comfortable?

You may be surprised to experience the cold air far less uncomfortable than you would expect, even if you see yourself as non-tolerant to low temperatures. This is because the air in the chamber is dry and gaseous – like that of a freezer – which feels vastly different and is far more tolerable than the wet cold of for example an ice-bath. In addition, a WBC treatment never lasts more than three minutes, which ensures optimal exposure and results while maintaining maximum comfort with the temperature changes.

What do I wear during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

Clients are required to dress in protective clothing (underwear and cotton socks) to shield intimate body parts during the session. All other clothing is removed to let the cooling air penetrate the skin properly. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable knowing your modesty is respected at all times; hence we offer closed-off rooms where you can change in private and luxurious robes to wear before and after the cryotherapy. Once you are in the sauna, the operator will only be able to see your hands and face, allowing you to communicate throughout while keeping the rest of your body shielded from outside view.

How will I feel after the session?

Cryotherapy is a powerful mood-elevator as it triggers the body’s release of endorphins; i.e. the same hormones that make you feel good and energetic after a great workout. Immediately after therapy you will experience a noticeable mental and physical boost that generally lasts for at least 6-8 hours; an effect that tends to last longer with completed each session. As an added bonus, you can expect to feel very relaxed and sleep much better after a session of Whole Body Cryotherapy!

Should I shower before or after my session?

While there is nothing stopping you from showering before or after the session, you are not required to do either as the treatment is completely dry.

How long after a cryotherapy session can I expect results?

While results vary between individuals and we cannot guarantee a specific outcome or timeframe, you will generally feel quite powerful effects right after your first session.
Most people will experience the mood- and energy-boosting effects of endorphins being released during the session, and depending on your condition, you may also experience immediate and lasting (6-8 hours or more) relief from joint or muscle pain and stiffness.

How many treatments do I need to have?

Even a single Cryotherapy session is definitely beneficial, but we do recommend an ongoing series of session to get the best results and reap maximum rewards long-term.

We carefully assess each client’s individual needs in order to make a unique recommendation. Depending on your condition or/and your goals, we may suggest more frequent sessions in the beginning as a measure to effectively target a certain concern, followed by a less intense maintenance program.

What is a Cryo Facial and what does it do?

A Cryo Facial takes around 10 minutes, during which the technician will use a precise handheld device to expose your facial skin the same freezing air as with other kinds of cryotherapy. This works to lower your facial skin temperature to sub-zero temperatures, which triggers a host of positive effects; including an increased blood flow and collagen production as well as tightening of the pores and skin surface.