Cryotherapy Beauty Treatments

What it is: 

All Cryotherapy Beauty Treatments are performed with a unique and newly developed spa therapy device called Cryo-T Elephant, which is engineered with modern technology that has the unparalleled ability to achieve freezing temperatures in a safer and far more effective way than previous machines. By vaporizing heat of liquid nitrogen without an actual heater, Cryo-T Elephant has a technologic capacity that not only succeeds its predecessors’ efficiency by an astonishing 40% but also allows the handler a much more control over the exact temperature applied to the client’s skin.


A Cryoactive Facial involves the application of pressured liquid nitrogen vapors to the face and neck, which increases the skin’s blood flow. This increases the production of collagen which tightens skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores and gives the skin an overall smoother and younger appearance.


⎫ Shrinks Pores & Reduces Blemishes
⎫ Increases Collagen & Elasticity
⎫ Reduces Wrinkles & Revitalizes Skin Tone
⎫ Promotes Luster & Youthfulness
⎫ Smooths & Evens Skin Surface 

Hand Rejuvenation

Even if your face looks youthful, the appearance of your hands remain one of the most telling signs of aging on your body. They are constantly exposed to environmental impact, yet are often neglected in terms of sunscreen and general skincare treatments. Cryoactive Hand Rejuvenation will restore the supple, clear skin surface of your youth while fading age spots and alleviating pain from common conditions like rheumatism, neurological issues, injury, and overuse. 


⎫ Restores Youthful Appearance
⎫ Decreases Signs of Aging
⎫ Promotes Supple Skin
⎫ Fades Age Spots
⎫ Alleviates Pain & Improves Rheumatism 

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is caused by body fat pushing against the skin’s connective tissue, which causes the top layer to appear dimply.
Our Cryoactive Cellulite Treatment will target the appearance of unwanted dimples, utilizing localized pressure of liquid nitrogen vapors at around -250° and -350° Fahrenheit. The freezing temperatures cause a constriction of the blood vessels, while stimulating collagen production and strengthening the top layer of the skin. This multifaceted approach not only helps reduce local fat deposits, but also prevents them from pushing against the surface and causing cellulite. 


⎫ Prevents & Diminishes Cellulite
⎫ Improves Blood & Oxygen Flow
⎫ Promotes Fat Metabolism
⎫ Reduces Local Fat Deposits
⎫ Increases Skin Elasticity
⎫ Stimulates Collagen Production

Treatment Frequency

Depending on your condition, it is recommended to begin with a series of 5-10 treatments performed within a short time span. This will allow your body an intense period of optimal healing and processing existing concerns, after which you may choose to return weekly or bi-weekly for maintenance sessions.