Compression Therapy 

What it is: 

Compression Therapy is a leading edge recovery tool that helps countless elite athletes to recover and heal quicker from strenuous workouts by using a customizable pneumatic compression device that mimics the body’s own muscle contraction and release, thus effectively enhancing transportation of fluid, metabolites, lactic acid, and toxins that contribute to body soreness. This groundbreaking therapy ultimately speeds up the body’s recovery process, leaving you feeling refreshed and rested sooner. 


⎫ Improves Blood Circulation
⎫ Prevents Water Retention
⎫ Promotes Nutrient Transportation
⎫ Removes Toxins & Lactic Acid
⎫ Decreases Body Soreness
⎫ Speeds up Recovery & Healing
⎫ Promotes Muscle Relaxation & Physical Energy 

How it Works 

Our treatments are performed with the cutting edge equipment of NormaTec Recovery Systems, which utilizes a patented PULSE technology to soften your muscles, mobilize fluid, and speed up recovery with the dynamic compression of a uniquely developed pulse massage pattern using only air. The system includes a highly accurate control unit for optimal pressure precision, and allows both full body treatments as well as specific targeting of local areas like legs, arms, or hips.

How it Feels

At the beginning of the treatment, you will experience a so called pre-inflate cycle, when the location specific attachment is perfectly molded to your unique body shape. After completion of this cycle, the device will begin compressing different parts of the chosen location in a comfortable and highly effective “pulse and release” manner that feels comparable kneading and stroking of a typical massage. 

Treatment Frequency

Our specialist can deliver a personalized treatment recommendation that fits both your physical needs and lifestyle. You can perform compression therapy as often as once a day if you have a condition or training schedule that requires frequent upkeep, or you may choose to come in for an intense series of 5-10 treatments performed within a short timespan. The latter option will allow your body an intense period of optimal healing and processing existing concerns, after which you may choose to return weekly, biweekly or on an as-needed basis for maintenance sessions.